Press release - 18 May 2017

Meetroo Entree: One place for all information that employees use daily

AMSTERDAM – At the Next Web Conference in Amsterdam today, Meetroo Entree was launched. This new digital dashboard allows employees to gain access to corporate information they use daily, in an intuitive and easy way. The product was developed by Meetroo, a Dutch company providing software and services for Microsoft Office 365. Their goal is to offer IT tools that enable employees to do their work in a pleasant way.

Traditional intranet is outdated

In many company's employees have poor access to information they use daily. Meetroo Entree solves this problem. It replaces the outdated traditional intranet, that is often designed to look like a website. The new product looks and works like applications on our smart phones, tablets and PC's. No training is needed to work with Meetroo Entree.It's just like stepping into a new car: you already know how to drive. The use of this digital dashboard is based on three screens: home, feeds and the hub. From these starting points you can navigate from every device to any application or information source.

Useful for IT-service providers

This product is not only a solution for employees; it's also useful for IT-service providers. They can easily manage their services and supplementary products and include manuals and third-party applications. A rollout to all Office 365 customers is simple, safe and with minimum cost. IT companies are still expected to be a Ǯone stop shopǯ. Because itǯs impossible to be specialised in every area, collaboration is key. With Meetroo Entreeǯs Appstore functionality companies can easily test SaaS applications and third-party services before purchasing them. In this way the increase of ǮShadow ITǯ can be limited. Employees can give feedback to internal managers, IT-providers or partners of providers.

Reduction of sales, support and consultancy costs

The product also clarifies which data sources and applications are being used in a company. With help of machine learning and pre-defined models the software can provide automated suggestions to IT service providers and companies about advantages of certain software and services. Meetroo calls this presales automation. This will reduce sales and consultancy costs. Because of the easy access to manuals, FAQǯs and an integrated chat function, Meetroo Entree can also reduce support costs for IT-service providers.Itǯs also possible to pair it with existing support systems. This way customers can navigate through the system much easier, reducing the workload of helpdesks.

About Meetroo

For eight years Meetroo has been providing software and services for Microsoft Office 365. In 2009 they were ranked among the first 10 BPOS-partners. Their team consists of professionals each with more than twenty years experience in the world of Microsoft Productivity solutions.

For informatie only (not for publication): please contact for more Meetroo, Maarten Visser E:, T: 0031 643009 572,

About Meetroo

Meetroo levert software en services aan Cloud Service Providers voor het bouwen van Digital Workpaces. In 2009 behoorde het bedrijf tot de eerste 10 Microsoft partners die oplossingen leverde voor Office 365. Het team bestaat uit professionals met ieder meer dan twintig jaar ervaring in de wereld van Microsoft Productiviteitsoplossingen.